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Emma takes a dive

Actress Emma Thompson & Family Learn to Dive with Borneo Dream

Posted on April 2, 2011 by admin


Emma Thompson & Family Learn to Dive

Emma Thompson & Family Learn to Dive

Actress Emma Thompson & Family Learn to Dive with Borneo Dream in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

This week we helped actress Emma Thompson and her daughter, Gaia, learn to dive in the tropical waters of the South China Sea. They completed the PADI Open Water Diver course with the Borneo Dream team in the tropical waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park near Kota Kinabalu, KK, Sabah.

Diving with Borneo Dream

Diving with Borneo Dream

Not forgetting her lovely, dashing husband Greg Wise (who Billy’s mum fancies ;) who came leisure diving with Emma and Gaia as part of their family holiday. Together they enjoyed five days of scuba diving and saw so much marine life – Turtles, Seahorse, Moray Eels, Lobsters, Cuttle Fish, schooling Barracuda, Yellow Snapper, Blue Spotted Rays, Nudibranches and not forgetting Nemo!

Emma shared the following feedback with us:-

“The sheer fun, extreme excitement and elated camaraderie of the Borneo Dream team almost disguise the expertise, top-class instruction & faultless safety standards. Thus, my daughter (11) and I (51!) became open water divers with ease and a joy I imagine is unparalleled. We will be a) eternally grateful and b) Back. All true and meant with the utmost sincerity. See you soon guys. Much love, Emma, Greg & Gaia”

Gaia finds Nemo!

Gaia finds Nemo!

The Borneo Dream team had a lot of fun with them, made new scuba diving friends, and we hope they will enjoy many happy diving days together in the future :) . We look forward to seeing them again in the future when they next visit Kota Kinabalu, KK, Sabah.

If you fancy scuba diving with Borneo Dream during your holiday in Sabah, Malaysia then just contact the Borneo Dream team.

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